Hunting is a way of life for us

Whether it is deer, or elk; chasing these elusive animals from the highest peaks, to the dry desert low country is our passion. Apex guides are in the field year around, not only getting to know the animals that different areas have to offer, but also learning the terrain that allows the most effective ways to hunt them.  

Utah has some of the best trophy Deer and Elk hunting that the western United States has to offer.  Trophy Elk hunts begin in mid August and run through mid November and consist of Archery, Muzzleloader, and Rifle seasons. Trophy Deer hunts also begin in August and run through the month of November and include Archery, Muzzleloader, and Rifle seasons. Some of the worlds most famous Deer units are found in Utah.

Deer and Elk quality fluctuates by unit from year to year. Give us a call at 435-749-0060 and we can help you decide which units you can apply for to maximize your chances of drawing a tag that will achieve your goals.